Health Coaching – Announcing A New Service at the Whole Child Center

The Whole Child Center is very excited to announce we are offering a new and innovative service, Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coaching! Join us in welcoming Anna Sandbank, LCSW, an integrative health and wellness coach and a licensed clinical social worker, to the WCC team.

Anna will be available at the WCC on Friday afternoons to work with you and your family to explore your specific needs and concerns. She can work with your family to take critical steps to reach your child and family’s health and lifestyle goals, working in tandem with our practitioners. Together, we will all work to support individualized, health-promoting choices and lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

Anna’s approach mirrors ours, focusing on “whole-person-centered wellbeing.” She combines years of training, experience and expertise in both integrative health and child and family wellbeing.

Have you been wanting to:
• Manage everyday stress?
• Improve your family’s nutrition and eating habits?
• Make time for physical activity?
• Develop healthier family relationships?
• Create more balance in your life?
• Have a routine that includes regular self-care?
• Incorporate mindfulness practices or meditation?
• Improve your child’s health and well being?

If so, you will want to know more about how integrative health and lifestyle coaching can help you and your child. Ask us for more information when you’re here or call The Whole Child Center at (201) 634-1600. Appointments are now available.