January 2014 update

Happy New Year to our patients and prospective patients!

We’ve been very busy at the Whole Child Center this month, and we wanted to let you know what we’ve been working on.

1. Winter is our busiest season due to all the viral infections floating around – as many of you know.  We are working hard with you to keep your kids healthy and provide integrative treatments for those who are not well.  Remember to pay attention to basic lifestyle wellness principles like good nutrition, activity and rest.  Get your kids outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight when you can.  Take time to connect with each other and nourish your relationships – they are healing in and of themselves.

2. We are also really working hard to register new patients.  As you can imagine, we had a wonderful surge of interest in December and once January 1st hit, we’ve been trying to reach out and schedule as many of you as we can – but please, be patient – it’s going to take some time to connect with everyone.  Our first priority is making sure our current patients get the care they need and deserve – and we have brought on extra help (super WCC employee-at-large, Kate – nurse Karen’s daughter) to call prospective new patients, get you registered and allow you to make appointments with Beth and Emily.  Don’t worry, we will get to everyone.

3. Please be sure to read our new office policies carefully, including information about our practice administration fee.  This is true for existing and new patients.  We sent out notification by snail mail and e-mail in the fall, and any letters that bounced back have been re-addressed.  If you still have no idea what we mean, contact Kathleen Donnelly, our office manager, during routine business hours.

4. We will post updates at least monthly, so sign up on this page to get the latest WCC news in your inbox.  Also, if you haven’t already, join the Whole Child Center Facebook page for more news, research highlights, photos and much more.

With much gratitude for all of you,

The Whole Child Center