Announcement: Now accepting new patients!

This is the announcement many of you have been anticipating!  For the first time in over two years, we will be accepting new patients other than newborns.  While this is very exciting for all of us, PLEASE take the time to read this ENTIRE POST before contacting us.

1. DO NOT CALL our office.  The process is specifically designed so that we can continue to function and answer the many daily phone calls we receive from existing patients.

2. Carefully read all FAQs at – here you will find more details about our administrative process.  Then go to and carefully review our office Policies.

3. On the patient info page, download the New Patient Information Form.  Complete one per child and return as noted at the top of the form by either faxing to us at 201-634-1606, mailing to us or scan and email to

4. When we have received your completed forms, WE will contact YOU.  Do NOT call us to check that it was received or to check on the status.  We will call you to register your family and set up appointments.  First appointments will be after January 1, 2014.

5. Dr. Rosen will NOT be seeing new patients other than those referred specifically by health care professionals, and those appointments are typically booked months in advance.  We have four other amazing, integrative practitioners here to see your children.

6. If, after all of the above, you still have questions, call and ask for our office manager, Kathleen Donnelly.  Please do not call for routine questions.  Thank you for understanding.  We look forward to working with you and your family.